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How to stake

ADA is probably the best coin for staking in the whole crypto industry because the coins never leave your wallet, so Cardano staking is 100% safe, the only thing you need to do is to follow up on some basic recommendations of how to store your crypto seed (we recommend storing ADA on a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S, X, or Trezor Model T).

Here you find some basic video tutorials on crypto staking. How to create a new wallet and how to delegate your ADA to a Cardano stake pool.

Pool ticker: PSYA
Pool IDs (you will only need the ticker in most of the wallets):

Cardano staking tutorials

Just choose the tutorial for the wallet you have or choose one you would like to use. Some of them are available in multiple languages on our youtube channel. Yoroi, CCVault, and Nami can easily be used online on their web interfaces, or you can download them as an extension to your browser. Daedalus is a full node wallet that keeps the whole blockchain on your hard drive – Daedalus is only available for desktops.

Yoroi wallet tutorial:

Yoroi wallet link:

Eternl / CCVault wallet tutorial:

Eternl wallet link:

Nami wallet tutorial:

Nami Wallet:

Daedalus wallet tutorial:

Daedalus link:

When will I receive my first Cardano staking rewards?

Time on Cardano is divided into epochs, here you can see how the staking cycles and epochs work. If you delegate a new wallet it takes about 15-20 days until you will receive your new rewards.