Stake with Psychedelic ADA Stake Pool and at the same time support psychedelic research and plant medicine projects.
Earn on-chain staking rewards on the top such as Hosky token.
We are also running our Cardano stake pool servers on renewable energy and planting trees every month.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Psychedelic Research

Psychedelic Treatment

We spread awareness about the use of psychedelics as a treatment for mental health disorders.
We support psychedelic research & plant medicine-related projects by donating 20% of pool rewards.
(donated from operator revenue – not affecting delegate’s rewards)

In case you know of an exciting project to support, please contact us.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Future Vision

Long-term vision

Psychedelic ADA Stake Pool started its mission in Feb 2021 and donated $ 13372 since the first minted block on the Cardano Mainnet in June 2021.
26 donations to various projects were made & 2198 trees were planted.

We are here to stay and donate monthly to our causes.
Donations list

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Professionality & Technology


All servers run 24/7 and are managed and monitored by IT professionals.

Your staking rewards and the security of the nodes are our highest priority.

PSYADA Cardano stake pool servers:
BP on Dedicated Bare Metal 12 CORE, 64GB RAM, NVME
4 Relays with various providers across the globe.
Infrastructure with backups, various providers, and geo-locations.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Decentralization


By staking with Psychedelic ADA Stake Pool you will support the decentralization & security of the Cardano blockchain.

PSYA is a single pool operator with all the nodes deployed with small service providers. (No AWS, Google, etc)

You will also support a small pool with 1 owner/SPO.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Innovations.

Climate Neutral

All our Cardano stake pool nodes are running on 100% renewable energy.

The servers are also being managed from a solar-powered home office.

Green energy and ecology matter, so We’ve decided to donate another 5% of the pool revenue to tree planting.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Multi language support

Language support

Any questions? Need help?
Ask in your native language:


We have a Telegram group and Discord for our delegators, feel free to join.

We are also part of multiple stake pool alliances such as Mission-Driven Pools (MDP), xSPO, and Single Pool Alliance (SPA)

PSYADA | Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool

We monthly donate 20% of pool rewards to psychedelic research & psychedelic plant medicine projects & 5% to tree planting.

All supported projects and donations are listed on this website, and PsyADA-related social media.

Do you know any project to support? Please contact us

What is staking?
How to delegate?

Why support of psychedelic research?

We would like to raise higher awareness of the use of psychedelics for therapeutical and medical purposes.

These kinds of substances are potential breakthroughs for treating mental health disorders.

Read more in the about section.

What projects PsyADA wants to support?

Only non-governmental organizations – NGOs will be supported.

Projects related to the use of Psychedelics as an alternative to traditional methods in psychology and mental health disorder treatment.

What projects PsyADA will not support?

Any kind of recreational use of psychedelics or drugs.

Commercial projects.

Meet the Stake Pool Operator

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Meet the SPO

Traveler, nomad
IT professional with 15 years of practice. DevOps, Linux, Networks, etc.
In IT & technologies since childhood.
Technology, blockchain, and DIY enthusiast.
Active street musician.
Lover of good tea and coffee.
Speaking Czech, English, Spanish & French.


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$13372 donated since PSYA minted its first block in June 2021.
2198 trees planted.
List of all donations and proofs.

Every month, there is one project selected and 20% of pool operator rewards are donated.
Each donation is consulted with delegators in our telegram group.
Another 5% is to be donated to some ecological project – tree planting, etc. (Veritree, One Tree Planted).

If you delegate with us, or you want to know more, join our telegram group or discord.

Stake with us and support Psychedelic Research and plant medicine projects. The more ADA staked, the more we could donate in the future.

Some of the projects supported by the PSYADA pool

Beckley Foundation
Beckley Foundation
Sage Institute
Sage Institute
Chaikuni Institute
Chaikuni Institute

If you know a good project to support, please contact us.

Partners and Collaborations