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Psychedelic Research

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool has a
mission to support psychedelic research & plant medicine-related projects.

Will donate 20% of pool rewards.
(not from the pockets of delegators)

In case you know an interesting project to support, please contact me.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Future Vision

Future vision

I Believe Cardano will become one of the main currency systems based on blockchain technology.

I am happy to be part of this vision and my focus is mainly on Cardano.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Professionality & Technology

Professionality &Technology

All servers running 24/7 and being daily managed and monitored by IT professional (networking and system management).

Security of the nodes is the n°1 topic.

BP 6CPUs, 16GB RAM, NVMe 4th gen
2 Relays 6CPUs,16GB RAM, NVMe 4th gen
located in Germany and USA

All servers are upgradable, based on future network growth.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Decentralization


By staking with [PSYA] you will support the decentralization & security of the Cardano blockchain.

You will also support a small pool with 1 owner/SPO.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Innovations.


I am planning to deploy all the PsyADA nodes on renewable power sources.

My home office from where I manage them is running 100% solar powered.

Green energy and ecology matter.

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Multi language support

Multi language support

Any questions? Need help?
Ask me in your native language:


We have a special telegram group for our delegators, feel free to join here.

PsyADA | Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool

Ticker: [PSYA]
Pledge: 10 k ₳
Margin: 0%
Fixed costs: 340
IDs: pool1zytydvyy3qztrs8l2xyggvkfcjctp23m2hc3aj7sudnzgny79cg

20% of pool rewards to psychedelic research & plant medicine related projects.

All supported projects and donations will be listed on this website, PsyAda related social media and Mission Driven Pools Github donations repository.

Do you know any project to support? Please contact me

What is staking and how to delegate?

Why support of psychedelic research?

We would like to raise higher awareness of the use of psychedelics for therapeutical and medical purposes.

These kind of substances are potential breakthroughs for treating mental health disorders.

Stigmatization more than actual risks led to research regulatory control for decades, but the situation is rapidly changing now.

Psychedelic substances act as amplifiers of psychological processes and can be very useful in the therapeutical process for various types of mental illnesses.

Plant-based hallucinogens have been used in ceremonies around the world for centuries.

What projects PsyADA wants to support?

Only non-governmental organizations – NGOs will be supported.

Projects related to the use of Psychedelics as an alternative to traditional methods in psychology and mental health disorder treatment.

Projects related to the use of plant medicines as a native technique of healing practice of indigenous people. (Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro, Kambo etc.)

Projects related to awareness of the use of psychedelics for therapeutical and medical purposes.

What projects PsyADA will not support?

Any kind of recreational use of psychedelics or drugs.

Commercial projects.

Meet the Stake Pool Operator

Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool - PsyAda - Meet the SPO

Traveller, nomad – full time on the road
Living in a camper van – solar-powered home office.
Active street musician.
IT professional, years of practice in networking, HW & System management.
In IT & technologies since childhood.
Technology, blockchain and DIY enthusiast.
Lover of good tea and coffee.
Speaking Czech, English, Spanish & French.


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The first donation for the month of June was sent to MAPS
137 ADA / sent in LTC 1.38926256 LTC / $192
Proof of donation (FixedFloat service) / MAPS LTC address proof

The second donation for the month of July was sent to Chacruna Institute
70 ADA / sent in BTC 0.00239319  / $94 / Proof of donation (FixedFloat service)
$23 also sent to One Tree Planted – 23 trees planted in India / Proof

The third donation for the month of August was sent to TheraPsil
281.2 ADA / sent in BTC 0.0143031  / $674.5 / Proof of donation (ChangeNow service used)
$200 also sent to One Tree Planted – 200 trees planted in British Columbia / Proof

$1183.5 donated since PSYA minted its first block in June / 223 trees planted.

Every donation can be also found here the Cardano Missin Driven Pools Github repository

Every month, there will be one project selected and 20% of pool operator rewards (all the epochs) will be donated.
This project will be also consulted with delegators in our telegram group.
Another 5% to be donated to some ecological project – tree planting, etc. (One Tree Planted at the moment).

If you delegate with us, or you want to know more, join our telegram group.

Stake with us and support Psychedelic Research. More ADA staked, more we could donate in the future.

NGO projects we would like to support

Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.
The Beckley Foundation pioneers psychedelic research to drive evidence-based drug policy reform, founded and directed by Amanda Feilding as a UK-based think-tank and NGO.

We bring information about benefits and risks of psychedelics.
We work on destigmatizing them, bringing them to therapy and mitigate risk with their use. We connect professionals with the public.
Psychedelic Clinic is a psychotherapy-oriented centre that focuses on the innovative use of psychedelics in the treatment of mental health issues and in personal growth and development.

TheraPsil is a non-profit coalition dedicated to helping Canadians in medical need access legal, psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy to treat end-of-life distress.
Psychedelic Seminars is an educational conversation series deepening awareness of the benefits, risks, and complexities of psychedelics.

If you know a good project to support, please contact me.

Supporters & Delegates


If you delegate with PSYA, or you just like the idea, I will be happy to add your link here.